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MJ Accents LLC is a privately held company, register as Sole Proprietor Limited Liability Company under the laws of the state of Minnesota. It is owned and managed by Ms. Marie Jeanne Embolo Abena, who is a professional interior designer with over 20 years of working experience. MJ Accents LLC, is an ideal business with services-customer relations oriented, delivering cost-effective, convenient access to their services through our website. Our wide range of services ensures that you have the right package. From corporate event functions to anniversaries, weddings, and all other celebrations, we help our customers to find the right theme, plan and schedule that works for them.
The culture of MJ Accents LLC is to take the stress off our customers.

We can be of maximum help to corporate organizations, churches, homes, celebrations, and anniversaries.

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Marie Jeanne-CEO MJ Accents

About the owner

Marie Jeanne Hildegarde Embolo Abena is Accredited from Special Event Certification Council, specializing in interior designing and contemporary designing style with 20 years working experience within the Africa communities in the mid-west, especially Minnesota. She is a graduate from Institute of Wedding & Event Design (IWED), and have the passion for hosting successful events for corporate, families, and individuals.